Pleasant View Cemetery
Clackamas County, Oregon

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Various Local Notables

     Here are a few locals of note who left their mark on the community. 
Send me your ideas for others.  Charlotte

William Wallace Graham Portland Violinist and Professor at Willamette University 95-4
Phil Balsiger First Mayor of Wilsonville 264-3
Charles Wilson Postmaster and Namesake of Wilsonville 15-1
Inza R. Wood Long time school teacher and namesake of Wood Middle School in Wilsonville 85-6
J.C. Smock Namesake of Smockville, original name of Sherwood 30-6
Arthur Riggs Renowned Steamboat Captain on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers 200-7
John Wallace Graham Engineer, namesake of Grahams Ferry and Grahams Ferry Road, did engineering for track construction of the Oregon Electric Railway through Wilsonville 33-12
Dorris "Cy" Young Started the Wilsonville Electric Company and the Wilsonville Water Company 265-5
Norris Young Operated Young's Machine Shop in Wilsonville 90-3
Dorothy Young Lehan First Woman on West Linn-Wilsonville School Board 265-4
Hardy Young Built and operated The Silver Leaf Inn in Wilsonville 265-7
Moses Baker Donated the land for Pleasant View Cemetery 60-12
Wilma Baker/Heater Taught elementary school at Wilsonville for 30+ years 147-12