Pleasant View Cemetery
Clackamas County, Oregon
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To Submit Additions or Corrections to these Records

        Please enter any information important to the history of this individual.  If you have an obituary you can enter it completely and it will be listed as the obituary.  Mention the paper if you know where it was published.  If you know the relationship of this individual to others in the cemetery, especially those nearby, mention that as well.  Please also mention if you know this person was a war veteran, a pioneer, or a person of local historical note.  If you have a photo you would like posted of this person or persons, send a digital copy with identifying information to the Webmaster.

   Please enter the name of the individual(s) and any corrections or additions to the record.

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 Cemetery records are important tools for genealogy research.  If you would like any contact information posted with this monument record so that other relatives or researchers can contact you, enter it here.  Otherwise leave this blank:                      

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